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Each NSTA therapist was handpicked because of their dedication, their vision, their clinical brilliance and their ability to see sex through a more complex lens than just a series of behaviors and techniques. All therapists at NSTA understand that sex is far from just being something that we “do” but is more about the rich and complicated meanings that we make out of the things that arouse and excite us.


Shannon Sennott, LICSW - Clinical Sex Therapy Associate
Shannon is a licensed independent clinical social worker.   A graduate of Smith School for Social Work and the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society in New York City, she has a broad range of expertise working with inviduals and couples - additionally, she has worked extensively with families and understands the issues and concerns facing parents.  Shannon has completed clinical trainings in Level 1 and Level 11 Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and has a particular focus on sexuality and gender concerns.  As a clinican working towards board certification as an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Shannon works with individuals and couples, and especially enjoys working with people in alternative relationship structures.  Shannon's strength as a therapist lie in her ability to relate in an open and straightforward way with people.  One of the founders of the advocacy and education organization, TRANSLATE GENDER, INC., Shannon lives with her partner in Northampton, MA. She likes to scuba dive and has a dearly-loved dog, Skinny.  



Amy Basford-Pequet, LICSW - Clinical Sex Therapy Associate

Amy received her Masters in Social Work from the Smith College School for Social Work.  Her work is deeply informed by attachment and relational therapies, the lens she uses with individuals and couples, and also groups.   Amy's passion for group work led her to The Psychotherapy Institute's Group Therapy Training Program, an intensive two-year advanced training program based in Berkeley, CA.  A Certified Group Psychotherapist, Amy is also Gottman Method Couples Therapy trained. Amy's talent as a therapist is in her ability to create a holding space conducive to deep therapeutic relationships. Amy has extensive experience working with people who have experienced significant trauma - including sexual trauma-  and also people who have struggled with addiction. She also has expertise in working with clients who are dealing with issues related to gender and sexuality. Born in Maine, Amy spent over a decade living in California's Bay Area. Amy is dedicated to anti-oppression and liberation work; while living in the Bay, she spent 4 years as a member of Uncovering Our Hearts, a multigenerational Buddhist anti-racist group that explored the intersections between race, sexuality, and spirituality.  She lives in the Pioneer Valley with her partner and their small son, and understands well the joys and struggles of raising children.

"I met Amy when she first came to the practice. As a matter of fact, I waited patiently for her arrival to begin my sessions and I am so happy I did. Amy’s warm voice and accepting and supportive demeanor immediately made the space feel open and safe. Not once did I question whether or not I should hold something back. Quickly, I began to look forward to our weekly sessions as if she were a best friend and our schedules only lined up for an hour a week. Amy has helped me see how I can be my biggest ally while also acting as the best guide to unravelling all of my seeming like mysteries. Not only has our work together transformed my life in such a short amount of time, but her influence continues. I feel truly honored to have worked with someone who is so compassionate and understanding to the many multitudes of the human experience. She has helped cultivate a love for myself I didn’t think possible and this is something I will always be grateful for."  C.M. Northampton, MA.

"I went to Amy at the start of a new relationship and suffering from E.D. My physician had prescribed medication but I felt there had to be a more natural way to address the cause along with the symptom. Amy helped to work through the end of a long term relationship and the start of a new healthier one. Working with Amy has given me insight and strength in my life and relationships. I shall be forever grateful." Anonymous, Northampton, MA.

Michael Carter, LICSW - Clinical Sex Therapy Associate

Michael is a graduate of the Smith College School for Social Work and is an Independent Licensed Social Worker. He comes to Northampton Sex Therapy Associates with a wealth of experience working with individuals, couples and families. He has worked in a variety of settings and roles which gives him multiple perspectives and understandings to his therapeutic approach. Michael’s strength as a therapist is his ability and desire to relate his client’s struggles and to provide a compassionate and open minded space for transformation to occur.  Michael is also very skilled at putting people at ease, particularly women who may not have worked previously with a male therapist.  Utilizing creativity and humor Michael has special expertise in
men’s issues, major mental illness, adolescence, trauma, loss and life changes. He has a long practice in yoga and mindfulness, is an avid competitive swimmer, a non-competitive knitter and dog lover.

"Though initially hesitant to work with a man on these delicate issues, I followed a trusted recommendation and remain surprised at how much working with a man addresses some of the issues I came in to focus on perhaps better than working with a woman. Warm, gentle and smart, Michael responds to the most difficult stories or realizations with the kinds of responses you crave from your closest allies before he carefully invites you think about them in a way that begins to release you from their power. I have already recommended Michael to close friends, and working with a man as a woman to friends outside of the area."

T. Northampton, MA

Madeline Nussbaum, LICSW
- Clinical Sex Therapy Associate
Madeline is a licensed independent clinical social worker who received her master’s degree from the Smith College School for Social Work.  Madeline has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and people in alternative relationship structures.  Her work is informed by narrative, feminist, and relational approaches with a particular interest in gender and sexuality.  Madeline is a thoughtful and caring therapist whose strength lies in her ability to help people see things from new perspectives and develop their innate intuition, and insight.  Madeline has expertise on a wide range of issues including trauma, grief and loss, attachment, and the concerns of adolescents and young adults.  Madeline enjoys running, painting, and home improvement projects.  She lives with her partner in Northampton, MA and has two cats named after jazz musicians.

"Therapy was not an easy decision for my husband and I . We were embarrassed and terrified about going, but after meeting with our therapist Madeline those fears disappeared. We found the offices very accommodating with scheduling-comfortable and private. I would say that therapy was a huge success for us. We were able to say things in therapy which we could not express at home. Not only did this help our sex life but it has helped us understand each other in all parts of our marriage. We highly recommend Northampton Sex Therapy Associates."
Granby, Ma. 

I cannot express this loudly or clearly enough: Maddy has been an absolutely invaluable resource to me these past six months. Maddy’s compassion, deep and incredibly respectful interest in our sessions, humor, commitment, and sharp intelligence are just some of the qualities that make Maddy an exceptional counselor and therapist. I often bring my notebook into our sessions and take fairly extensive notes during our conversations—I feel like a total nerd when I do this, but Maddy’s insight into the world—especially the queer world—is so valuable to me, and is truly a resource that I can access no other place. Maddy creates a beautifully safe space of validation, understanding, empathy and insight into sex, partnership, self-understanding, and real-life living (among many other things). Maddy consistently asks beautifully worded and pertinent questions and observations that drastically increase my understanding of myself, my relationship with my body, and my understanding of the world around me. I especially treasure Maddy’s insight, extensive knowledge and advice on how to navigate the world as a trans individual. Our sessions have been one of the most important resources for me during my coming-out process as trans. It is my earnest wish that every person could have access to such a counselor and therapist in their lives, and I do not exaggerate when I say that I will be benefiting from our work together for the entire course of my life."

LS, Northampton, MA

Rachel Keller, LICSW -
Clinical Sex Therapy Associate


Rachel is a licensed independent clinical social worker having  received her master’s degree from the School of Social Work at San Francisco State University.  Rachel has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and truly appreciates working with people in alternative relationship structures. Having been a school social worker for many years, Rachel is particularly skilled at working with parents and families in crisis.  Her work often uses narrative, feminist, disability rights, and attachment theory approaches.  Often described as an open and kind therapist, Rachel loves helping people figure out the contradictions of their lives, and finding their place in the world. Rachel really enjoys being a parent in the Pioneer Valley!

Jamecia Estes, MSW, LCSW -
Clinical Sex Therapy Associate

Jamecia is a graduate from the Smith School for Social Work and received her Masters in 2010. Her approach to therapy has been influenced by the use of various cognitive behavioral therapies, attachment theories, and motivational interviewing. Jamecia is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and has worked extensively with trauma survivors. Because of her desire to help families heal and grow, Jamecia became interested in the field of mental health and began her career as a child and family therapist. She has years of experience in working with diverse populations from various backgrounds. Her work has included working with individuals, families, and couples. Jamecia gives great importance to creating an inviting and judgement free space for the self- expression of her clientele. She hails from North Carolina and currently lives with her partner in Northampton. She enjoys karaoke, board and card games, and is an active participant in her spiritual community.

Brooke Norton, - Clinical Sex Therapy Associate
Brooke is a graduate of UMass Boston, Marriage and Family therapy program - and also has a Masters degree in Library and Information Science. She is a certified Sex Educator, and consults with individuals, families, and couples. Brooke has presented many workshops for parents in the Pioneer Valley and beyond, and has expertise in how to provide children with age-appropriate sexuality education, as well as how to work with adult populations on a variety of sexuality education topics, including parenting, sexuality and body image. Brooke has also created and teaches her own Positive Puberty curriculum at area elementary schools. Brooke’s strengths-based framework allows for open dialogue and honesty. She is a parent of two growing boys, and she also enjoys singing in a local rock and roll choir!

"When we first came to therapy, we felt like dramatic change for the better in our sex life was a fiction. Our goal for our progress was that there would be any progress at all. Brooke helped bring out the best in us. She learned what was important to us and helped us grow together. We could not be happier to say that we have indeed experienced a dramatic positive transformation and have been given the tools to continue a growing and powerful love life. We are different people and much happier now than when we started. Thanks, Brooke!"


Cindy Beal, M.Div.  Consulting Sexuality Educator
Cindy is Director at Justice and Peace Consulting and leads Sexuality Education groups at NSTA for parents with children of all ages.

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