Gottman Fundamentals for Couples

NSTA is pleased to announce that we are offering a short-term group for couples. The group is a Gottman Fundamentals for Couples, and is based on the work of John Gottman, a couples therapist in Seattle who has developed an evidence based model for positive and effective communication through conflict. The group will be lead by our clinical sex therapy associate, Amy Basford-Pequet, who is certified in levels I and II of Gottman Method Couples Therapy and is also a Certified Group Psychotherapist. The skills taught in this group include how to communicate with integrity and compassion through conflict, how to recognize and turn toward bids for attention, how to discuss gridlocked dilemmas, and how to repair after conflict and strengthen love and connection. As always at NSTA, these skills will be specifically geared towards couples who are dealing with challenges in their sexual relationships. The group will be skills based and didactic, rather than process oriented, and will be a closed group (the same couples in attendance at all 4 sessions).

The group will be held on four Wednesdays, March 16, March 23rd, March 30th, and April 6th from 5pm-630pm. It will cost $100 per session per couple ($400 total for the series) and will be limited to 5 couples from our waiting list. The group will fill fast so please let us know if you are interested as soon as possible.

Interested parties should call our intake coordinator at 413-587-0095 Ext 4 for more information and to complete an intake.


Northampton Sex Therapy Associates and Justice and Peace Consulting


A Parenting and Sexuality Education Workshop Series

Register for one two-week workshop, or all three! 

Beyond No, Go, Tell: Raising Children to Understand Boundaries and Consent - Saturdays February 27, March 5, 10:00am – 12:00pm 

We will explore concrete behaviors and language you can teach your children long before they are in sexual situations, so that setting physical boundaries and giving consent in sexual situations is a continuation of a skill set they already master. This will include bodily autonomy at all ages, creating a safe environment for children to talk about comfortable and uncomfortable touch, how to manage extended family and social group boundaries.  

What’s Appropriate, Anyway?  Age and Developmental readiness for sexuality conversations - Saturdays Mar 12 and 19, 10.00am -12:00pm

We will explore “sexuality” as a broad category encompassing intimacy, sexual health and reproduction, identity, body awareness, and values.  We will look at the standards of developmental readiness for certain kinds of information and discussion, and get a broad understanding of how this readiness expresses itself.  We will talk about and practice answering children’s questions appropriate to their age and explore how responses will change as children (and we!) grow. 

It’s Not a Secret that I am a Sexual Person, but the ways I am Sexual are Private.  Talking about sex and sexuality with children. Saturdays Apr 9 and 23, 1:30-3:30

We will embrace the ambiguity and complexity of wanting to be honest with our children and teach them that they can share with us while still keeping our own sexual boundaries and practices private.  We will explore how to discuss intimacy, boundaries, sexual health and reproduction, identity issues, being body positive, and sharing our values while keeping the conversation centered on our young people.

Please note that these are not clinical NSTA therapy groups, but educational groups for parents who want to learn more about healthy sexuality education for their children.  All JPC workshops have learning, reflection, sharing and exploring, and rehearsing components.  Privacy and confidentiality will be expected within the group.

The cost for these workshops is $100/workshop (50$/week).  Both workshops in a series must be pre-paid.  Space is limited to 10.To register call: 413-587-0095 Ext. 4

Cindy Beal, M.Div. is Director of Justice and Peace Consulting.  She has been providing body positive sexuality education, diversity training and group development for over 20 years.  She is a fun, engaging, insightful facilitator.  FMI find her on Linked In or JPC on Facebook. 


Women, Our Bodies and Sex


A complex range of cultural, experiential and biological factors shape the way we
feel about our bodies. Among these, attitudes toward sex and sexuality are
closely bound up with body image.

Amy Basford-Pequet is a Clinical Sex Therapy Associate and Certified Group Psychotherapist at
Northampton Sex Therapy Associates. She will be leading this group, which will take
place on Mondays at our main clinical office in Florence.

If you have questions, please contact Amy Basford-Pequet at
413-587-0095, Ext 3




Please note: This is NOT a weight-loss group, but is a body-positive group focusing on learning to
deal more effectively with difficult emotions about our bodies.
This is also a group welcoming anybody who identifies as female.


Group for Partners of trans and gender non-confirming people

Northampton Sex Therapy Associates is offering an 8 week psychotherapy group designed to
support partners of trans and gender non-conforming people through the different stages of
awareness, acceptance and joy of their partner's transition or move into a differently gendered
identity. There will be a specific theme each week, ranging from concerns related to intimacy and
desire, advocacy as a partner, coming out to children, family and friends, and the loss and recreation
of a new partnership identity. The group will adhere to the ethics of confidentiality and participant
process of any closed psychotherapeutic group.

Shannon Sennott, LICSW, co-founder of Translate Gender - a nonprofit organization
that works to generate community accountability for individuals to self-determine their
own genders and gender expressions - and clinical sex therapy associate at
Northampton Sex Therapy Associates, will lead the group. 

The group will take place on Thursdays between 1:00-2:30pm and will cost $50 per group session.

Attendance at all sessions is expected and this will be a closed group with a maximum of 7 people.

Please contact Shannon at
413-587-0095 Ext.2.  Or email her at shannon@northamptonsextherapy.













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