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Northampton Sex Therapy Associates is offering an 8 week psychotherapy group designed to support partners of trans and gender non-conforming people through the different stages of awareness, acceptance and joy of their partner's transition or move into a differently gendered identity. There will be a specific theme each week, ranging from concerns related to intimacy and desire, advocacy as a partner, coming out to children, family and friends, and the loss and recreation of a new partnership identity. The group will adhere to the ethics of confidentiality and participant process of any closed psychotherapeutic group.

Shannon Sennott, LICSW, co-founder of Translate Gender - a nonprofit organization that works to generate community accountability for individuals to self-determine their own genders and gender expressions - and clinical sex therapy associate at Northampton Sex Therapy Associates, will lead the group. 

The group will take place on Thursdays between 1:00-2:30pm and will cost $50 per group session.

Attendance at all sessions is expected and this will be a closed group with a maximum of 7 people.

Please contact Shannon at
413-587-0095 Ext.2.  Or email her at shannon@northamptonsextherapy. com