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"During my first session at Northampton Sex Therapy Associates, I did not know what to expect.  I felt shy and awkward about exploring this territory of my life and  psyche.  However, I felt totally comfortable with my therapist.  She helped me understand that all aspects of my life can be viewed through the lens of sexuality- that the very issues I had addressed previously in psychotherapy played out in the sexual realm.  This is the most exciting, intense and honest therapy I have ever experienced.  My communication with my husband has dramatically improved, and I am more in touch with my own direction and desires in life.  This is an incredibly valuable resource and one I am grateful to have in my life." (FS,Florence, MA)

Sex Therapy and Sexuality Counseling 
At Northampton Sex Therapy Associates, certified and licensed clinicians serve couples and individuals with diverse sexuality concerns. Clinicians at NSTA are skilled in dealing with a variety of issues, including loss of desire; discrepancies in desire between couples; obsessive sexual behavior (sometimes called sexual addiction); erection or ejaculation difficulties; fetishism; issues of gender identity; issues pertaining to sexual identity and sexual orientation; challenges around orgasm; sexual pain for men and women; vaginismus (contractions of the vagina that prevent penetration); sexuality and chronic illness; sexuality and physical ability; polyamory; trauma and paraphilias.*

“It is not uncommon for couples and individuals to experience sex­-related challenges at some point in their lives”

We are highly trained in evidence-­based couples therapy treatment modalities, and well­ versed in attachment theory, which means that clients’ relationships have a better chance of being strengthened and improved by the techniques that we use as sex therapists and couples therapists.

All clinicians are proponents of "Health-At-Every-Size® in their therapeutic work with clients.

Couples Therapy 

At NSTA, clinicians are skilled and highly trained couples and sex therapists who can assist clients in sorting out conflicts in relationships arising from differences in sexual values, attitudes, and/or behaviors. Using an integrated approach that includes evidence-based modalities such as behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic and systemic therapy, we assist couples in resolving their sexual problems.  We are also able to provide insights to clients who already have satisfactory sexual lives, but seek to enhance their relationships in more creative ways.   In addition, we provide help and support in showing men and women how to communicate about sexual needs and wants in clear and easily understood ways.  Therapy is provided as needed, whether brief – as in one session – or more lengthy therapy interventions, depending on the presenting complaints and the skills and resources of each couple.   

Sexuality Education for Parents and Adolescents/Young Adults
Research has shown that parents who are able to provide positive communication with their children enable them to identify their individual values and to make healthy decisions.  For some parents initiating conversations about sexuality provides a significant challenge (often accompanied by much embarrassment and confusion), particularly if they themselves were not provided a model for healthy dialogues about sexuality between parents and children.  At NSTA, we help parents learn how to talk to their children about sexuality by providing up-to-the-minute sexuality information targeted to the needs of adolescents and young adults and by mediating and providing support to families in age-appropriate ways.

"We saw Jassy before we were married and after, over the course of three years. She was great at helping us navigate really practical issues and we have a much stronger partnership as a result.  She offered a great mix of "technical" learning of psychotherapy concepts and real world thoughts on how to handle a tough situation. She has been an invaluable resource to us. We managed through some very challenging circumstances with a lot of support and good counsel. We are really grateful." (J and T, Boston, MA)




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