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Forming a Daily Pleasure Practice


Finding ways to create and incorporate a five-minute, daily pleasure practice that engages all of your senses can have a positive effect on your life.

Prioritizing pleasure is something we can all use in our busy modern world. The first steps are to decide that you are deserving of pleasure, and that you are going to make it an important priority. The following exercise takes five minutes every day, which is not a lot, considering how much time many people spend on social media.

Finding five minutes during your day is the first challenge. It doesn’t matter when this five minutes happens, although it might be easiest to build it into the morning, since most of us have a morning routine anyway.

The next challenge is figuring out what the pleasurable activity will be. It can be anything that engages your sensory self. I like to use the example of peeling and eating a Clementine orange, since it does use all five senses: hold the orange and peel it with your fingers; see and smell the orange’s skin, pulp, and fragrance; hear the peel coming away from the flesh of the fruit; finally, taste the tangy, sweet slice that you pop into your mouth.

Other examples of a pleasure practice might be dancing to music, singing along with a song, brushing your teeth in a slow, measured, massaging kind of way, putting oil or lotion on your skin in a sensual manner, masturbating, brewing a pot of coffee or tea and noticing the sensual aspects of the steps, eating your breakfast slowly and intentionally, or stretching your body in a way that feels really good. It hardly matters what you choose, as long as it engages your senses, it feels great, and you devote a full five minutes to it.

What effect will forming a daily pleasure practice have on you? It might set you up for having a good day. It might remind you that you are a human and that you deserve pleasure. It might show you that your body is an instrument of pleasure, something we often forget. It might tell you that you have control over your life and how you spend your time. There’s really no downside to the practice. It can become part of your self care routine, something that we all truly need.

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