Cindy Beal, M.Div.

Consulting Educator

Pronouns: She/her/hers and/or they/them/theirs

Cindy’s style of facilitating a multiple day workshop focused on having awkward conversations about sexuality with teenagers was enviable. I learned so much…not only about the content, but also about the process of creating safe and encouraging space, engaging participants at various stages and styles of learning, and about presenting material in meaningful, relevant, and relatable ways. Top notch facilitator and role model!

–Cynthia Rosengard, LCP, Associate Professor at Brown University School of Public Health

Cindy is an educator with thirty years of experience. She brings to her work the core belief that developmentally-appropriate information, healthy boundaries and consent education, and body positivity are some of the most important gifts we can give ourselves and our children. She provides workshops and classes for parents, caregivers, and professionals on working with children and youth around sexuality, bodies, and emotions. Cindy delights in working with her colleagues at NSTA to provide opportunities for people to learn and grow in a non-therapeutic environment.

Cindy, also known as CB, is a long-time resident of the Valley. CB has lived on a farm, in a housing collective, in a row house, a seminary, and currently loves living in a repurposed factory.

Cindy is also the founder and director of Justice and Peace Consulting. For more information, please click through to her website,

Eastern College, BA in Education
Union Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity

Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education, Facilitator of all levels, Trainer of Elementary and Adult Levels, Trainer of Trainers at the Elementary Level
Talking About Touching: A Personal Safety Curriculum for preschool and elementary school age children, Trainer
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Certified Sexuality Educator

Cindy is a fabulous presenter, able to make even the most uncomfortable topics feel less so. She wins the room with her humor, and is skilled at sensing what participants need in order to fully engage. Cindy creates a safe space for the really hard and important conversations we ought to be having.

–K.S., Easthampton, MA

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