How are Sex Therapy Intensives Useful?

Sex Therapy Intensives are useful in the following scenarios:

  • Your relationship is in reasonably good emotional shape and you wish to learn more tools for spicing things up, sexually
  • Your relationship is emotionally in good shape, but you are struggling with a discrepancy in sexual desire levels between you and your partner
  • You are interested in “opening up” your relationship to include polyamory or non-monogamy
  • You are having issues related to erectile or ejaculatory functioning
  • You have a history of sexual pain and wish to address its impact on your sexual relationship
  • You feel that your relationship to pornography is out of control

If you think that an intensive might be helpful to you, but your situation isn’t reflected in the list above, please call 413-587-0095 and I will conduct a consultation to determine if an intensive is appropriate in your situation.

Intensives at NSTA deepened and accelerated our work in couples counseling. The longer sessions allowed us to spend as much time as needed on the problems at hand. This was key to fully exploring important issues. We prefer the intensives to shorter sessions, which can sometimes feel rushed. We highly recommend intensives to couples looking to transform their relationships.


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